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Seasons of the Soul Meditations


These Seasons meditations are an expression of the east west worship at Sanctuary in Birmingham. The inspirational fusion music is composed by ARADHNA and the Yeshu Christ-centred prayer meditations are complied and written by Pall Singh. Each Season have three options to encourage people into a reflective mode of prayer, meditation and worship for public or private use.


You are welcome to download the 'Seasons' meditations which are read on the DVD. You can use them in public or private with the second option on 'Seasons' with the images and music.


Further meditations and resources will be added in due course.

1: Spring (download word doc)

2: Summer (download word doc)

3: Autumn (download word doc)

4: Winter (download word doc)


Summer Meditation Sample


This video sample showcases the summer meditation - one of the three options under this season on the DVD.


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East West Trust would like to express their thanks to The Anchor Foundation, ARADHNA, Blue Hippo Media, CMS and the Sanctuary family and friends for their contributions. Meditations are read by Viran Chawla, Amritpal Sembhi and Pall Singh. On the Spring meditation the Indian dance is by Hina and Co.


All music by Aradhna from the album Namaste Sate:
All tracks are subject to copyright Blue Hippo Media and East West Trust
Produced by Blue Hippo Media