-Sri Dashmesh Sikh Temple, 305 Wheeler Street, Lozells, Birmingham B19 2EU

We praise God for opening the door of opportunity into the Sikh temple in Lozells, Birmingham for Aradhna and Sanctuary to be present.

The plan was for Aradhna to perform worship songs in the small hall next to the dining room downstairs and our Sikh friends and family would come in after the main service from upstairs.

God had others plans! We were humbled before God as Aradhna was asked to sing 2 worship songs (bhajans devotional melodies to Christ) in the main service in front of 200+ people!!

Later the group were publicly honoured and blessed by the temple leaders for their beautiful contribution to the service






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Sanctuary in the City at St. Martin's Church

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A Reflection on Sanctuary's Diwali Celebration




From the first moments arriving to Sanctuary's Diwali Celebration at the Old Bridge in Shirley, one senses the beauty and colour of the holiday itself. The decorations were exquisite with long silk banners covering the ceiling and unique saris covering the walls. Candles were really the only source of light in the room. All of this combined made for a very festive and meditative atmosphere.



The room was not only filled with light from candles, but also filled with people. There must have been over a hundred people from all walks of life crammed into that room smiling and sharing conversation over tea. A musical group called Aradhna sat quietly on the floor at the front tuning their instruments. This group captures the beauty and dignity of India's bhajan devotional melodies with music that blends east and west. More accurately, they sing Yeshu (Jesus) bhajans or spiritual songs in the language of Hindi. Their instruments included the sitar, tabla, violin, and guitar.


The night was opened with some young people playing the dhola and singing a bollywood song. The crowd loved it and enjoyed seeing young people involved and keeping some of the ancient traditions alive along with some newer ones. Pall Singh opened the night in a word of prayer and celebration. He thanked Yeshu for being the Light of the World and explained the evening. Aradhna would play bhajans and different people would come and pray for families, communities, the world, and all of us as individuals. Each prayer would be symbolized by lighting a candle.





The night rolled on to the majestic music of Aradhna and the prayers of people in the community. The songs Aradhna played were lively, but some were full of longing and sorrow. One of the band members shared about her experiences working to liberate child prostitutes in India, and the next song sang that Yeshu is the lifter of the downtrodden. In a particular touching moment of the service each person lit a candle as the band performed a song called “Deep Jale” that asked for God to light a lamp in their hearts.







Authentic Indian food and fireworks followed the service. Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and chatted late into the evening. There were Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians present with laughter and smiles filling the night. I overheard on many occasions people exclaiming how encouraged they were by Aradhna's Yeshu bhajans. Aradhna's musical passion and talent certainly blessed the evening and certainly thanked Prabhu Yeshu (the Lord Jesus) for being the light in the midst of darkness, hope in the midst of despair, forgiveness for the broken, and love for all people. Sanctuary's Diwali was certainly a good time for everyone, and a celebration worth remembering.



Song playing in background is titled "Bhajo Naam " performed by Aradhna

Song playing on home page is titled "Gaao Re" performed by Aradhna