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Asian Awareness


East West Trust also offers Asian Equip. A training course complete with resources and materials produced by East+West for professionals, youth workers, churches or organisations who want to understand Asian cultures and worldviews. It also aids in the ability to communicate and build bridges between these differing communities. Contact us for more information.


How can you help us?


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Registered Charity No 1076444


United Kingdom International Code: 00+44+the number


Tel: 0121-744 3057


Sanctuary in the City

St. Martin's Church in the Bull Ring
on the first Wednesday every month
1.00-1:30 pm

Followed by Asian snacks and refreshments

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Sanctuary on Sundays

Prayer Meditation Communion Space
4.00 pm

St. Martin's Church in the Bullring

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Song playing in background is titled "Ishwarle" performed by Aradhna

Song playing on home page is titled "Gaao Re" performed by Aradhna